Cladding / Weatherboard Products

1st for Cladding Services are approved fitters of HardiePlank® cladding and are specialist fitters of Cedral Weatherboard cladding from Marley Eternit.


Highly Durable

The advanced cement-based formulation stands up to weather and time, lasting through the full design life or most typical multi-dwelling housing.

Easy to Install

No special preparation or pre-drilling is needed, saving valuable time and effort on the construction site. The cladding products are simply nailed or screwed to the timber or steel framing.

Low Maintenance

The long-lasting durable colour coating requires no repainting for years to come. Simply clean once a year with water and household soap to maintain its beautiful finish.

Pest Resistant

For many animals, your roof and loft area provide much-needed shelter and warmth. Our products resists damage from all kinds of vermin and insects.

Fire Resistant

Both HardiePlank® and Cedral Weatherboard products have an A2 fire rating, meaning there is no risk that the ECC fibre cement will ignite and spread flames through the building or to an adjacent building.

With the traditional style of timber shiplap cladding growing in popularity in the UK, Cedral Weatherboard offers a cost effective solution to a beautiful and classic design. Marley Eternit Cedral Weatherboard is a fibre cement cladding plank which looks like natural timber and is a low maintenance alternative to either wood or PVCu. This external cladding board is manufactured from a mixture of cement, organic fillers and water, creating an autoclave fibre cement plank.

Cedral Weatherboard stands up to the harshest conditions, offers a class O fire performance and is totally resistant to pests and insects. Cedral is water protected which means the planks won’t drip, warp or distort like timber boards.

Cedral Weatherboard cladding can be supplied in a natural finish for on-site painting or in a range of 23 factory applied solid colours and 4 woodstain shades. The following Cedral weatherboard application helps you find the perfect combination of colours, click here to see what colour scheme is right for your property.

Cedral touch-up paint is available in 0.5 litre quantities and proves useful when planks have minor damage from installation, light edge chipping or for blending in with the existing building material. With a wide colour range and a comprehensive selection of aluminium trims, Cedral Weatherboard offers integrated solutions for external cladding design.

HardiePlank® cladding is a versatile weatherboard that offers the texture and natural beauty of timber whilst delivering the maintenance-free durability of fibre cement.

Available in an extensive range of colours, plus a choice of two textures, HardiePlank® can also be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally, providing the flexibility to create any design. HardiePlank® works equally well as a ‘full wrap’ cladding solution or as an accent that complements traditional building materials such as stone, wood and brick.

With ColorPlus™ Technology, the long lasting durability provided by HardiePlank® offers major advantages over conventional cladding materials, providing ease of installation, design flexibility and enhanced durability.

Made from an advanced material that’s five times thicker than typical vinyl cladding, HardiePlank® is fire, moisture, rot and pest resistant. It’s unaffected by rain and hail damage and can be installed to withstand winds of up to 150 mph.

From classic to contemporary, there is a HardiePlank product that will help you achieve the perfect look and finish for your project.